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Living in love is emotional courage, transparency, integrity, vulnerability, faith in Life, and growing into more love every day by seeing with new eyes, in our human journey.

4 one-hour audio lessons
30-minute guided feeling meditation
6 one-hour Live Mentoring with Q&A + Recordings
Living In Love eWorkbook

Once you take it, you can access the course anytime!

Course and live Q&As facilitated by Jennifer Kass

Get on the waitlist for the next course!

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  • Why self-compassion makes us more confident and helps us to know our worth
  • How to unlock your emotional courage
  • Why you don’t need to fully love yourself or be healed in order to be ready for a relationship
  • Why relationships are an important key to deeper self-love and a healthy life
  • The five spiritual bypassing traps to break free from in relationships
  • How to stop attracting painful circumstances
  • Creating reciprocal relationships, and receiving more love from others
  • Why knowing who we are and what we stand for helps us move through our greatest challenges
  • Why connection with our inner self helps heal habits, addictions, and emotional imbalances and the four stages of change that get us there
  • Identify the differences between an emotional trigger from the past & an intuitive feeling that is guiding you
  • The four myths of sensitivity and how they undermine your strength and potential
  • How to communicate in a vulnerable & powerful way
  • Your Love Blueprint from the past + how to re-write your love story for your present and future relationships
  • How to no longer suppress or act out on emotions: The emotional healing process that resolves the past to create a new future
  • How to identify different emotions + where they are in the body, for fast healing
  • Overcoming the fear of growing if you’re afraid it will ruin your marriage, friendships or family peace
  • The art of “Empowered Giving” and its relationship with empathy
  • Breaking free from spiritual traps & dogma for profound healing and living as your unique, true self
  • The life-changing daily practice (with guided audio) that connects you to your body, senses, feelings and emotions to heal inner blocks & empower you in your life
  • How to stop seeking approval and validation on the outside and deepen self-trust and confidence
  • Heal your childhood hurts through identifying your personal patterns and the root cause from your family history
  • Transparency and moral courage to be the leaders of the future

What people are saying about Jennifer’s work

"We are in a time of deep struggle and suffering. We feel disconnected, lost, empty, and sick. We know that something important is missing in our day-to-day experience of life on this planet. Never before has it been more vital to have guidance and support, education, and the right information. In the modern age, however, the best guidance leads you back to your own self-authority. In a sea of conflicting information, false prophets, and gimmicky wellness products, Jennifer Kass stands like a beacon of authenticity and radiance. It was clear to me the moment I learned of her healing work that she is a light body here to shepherd us, gently, and with wisdom, into the space of our highest alignment with personal power."

Company Name: Bestselling author of A Mind of Your Own

"Having experienced all sorts of love, I thought I knew what it meant to love fully. But Jennifer's perspective on loving - and living through the power of self-love opened my mind, and ultimately my heart, to the possibility of loving bigger than I could have imagined. Jennifer is a gift to our potential selves."

Company Name: founder of

"Jennifer Kass is a divining rod for a sweet and cool form of spirituality that resonates with smart, high-achieving New Yorkers and beyond."

Company Name: Co-founder of

"Jennifer is a sacred stand for love. Her mission is about bringing you back to love as the GPS for your life. Her work will challenge you to stand in your own love flame and emerge as a radiant loving change agent in your life."

Company Name: founder of, author of WomanCode

"Through my work with Jennifer, I have finally learned the real meaning of true self-love. What Jennifer offers is some of the most important and meaningful wisdom you will ever come across in your life, and it's impossible not to shift on a deeply profound level when you apply what she teaches."

Company Name: Health & Lifestyle Coach

"I love how I feel after talking with Jennifer. Put simply, she helps me think clearly and she empowers me with the tools to shift within, guiding me in creating a daily meditation practice, more awareness, and I can see the physical evidence of it on the outside."

Company Name: founder of She’s in the Glow

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The Living In Love Course is an opportunity to be together in a special space, with exclusive group calls, and weekly portable lessons with a workbook.

After working with hundreds of people one-on-one over the past six years, my life’s work is to empower people to connect to their true self + in authentic human connection, and at the core of both is love and sensitivity.

The course is built with clear & simple yet profound teachings that are applicable to our daily lives in a grounded, practical way. This course is reclaiming the human journey through a true connection to our feelings, our passions and desires, our unique original expression, and relationships that uplift and support us. You will be able to continue learning long after the six-week period, through lifelong access to the content.

4 one-hour audio lessons
30-minute guided feeling meditation
6 one-hour Live Mentoring with Q&A + Recordings
Living In Love eWorkbookk

Once you take it, you can access the course anytime!

Course and live Q&As facilitated by Jennifer Kass

Get on the waitlist for the next course!

“Thank you for this course, I love absolutely everything in it! You are an amazing teacher! This course has been huge for me; when I listen to you speak it’s like light bulbs going off in my head. You are such a pure, divine shining light and that light reaches all the way to Australia and I’m so grateful I crossed paths with you. I love your work, Jennifer and would love to continue working with you in future courses.” – Kristy

“I’ve been on a spiritual path for as long as I can remember. I’ve studied yoga, meditation, Buddhism and have been very interested in personal development for myself and others. Since starting to read Jennifer’s posts, something shifted on a deeper level. When she announced her course, I was an immediate ‘yes!’ to taking it. The most significant change has been in looking at relationships, events, and situations as opportunities to shift deeply embedded patterns. I went from feeling overwhelmed by the potential conflict of a situation to being more courageous in dealing with it with an action that could heal an old limiting way of being. Approaching experiences in this way has helped me to shift deeper underlying emotional patterns, release burdens I didn’t know I was carrying and become a more clear conduit in hearing my own soul’s calling and how to express it in the world. I know I will continue to use the tools and practices shared as I continue on my journey and I’m so very grateful!!”? – Manisha

“I have been familiar with Jennifer’s work for a number of years, always reading her Facebook posts and blogs, so when Jennifer announced she was launching the Living In Love Course, I knew it was going to be an amazing way to enhance my learning and connection with myself and soul. The pace and format of the course were very well thought out and easy to follow and every week I felt excited to further my connection to love and myself. I’ve been doing the meditations morning and night! The lessons are amazing and I am re-listening to them now along with a couple of calls I missed. I love the fact I am able to access this course indefinitely in the future to help me continue on my journey of self-discovery and love. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain clarity, inner peace and take their self-love to the next level – it’s like a warm bath for the soul!” – Kate

“Jennifer’s Living In Love Course has been a true blessing in my life. Her guidance has shown me how important a daily meditation practice is and how to go inside myself for the answers I need. Her soothing voice and knowledge in her guided meditations and weekly lessons help me to feel connected to the love within myself. I highly recommend this course for anyone ready to make more guided decisions and choices in their lives based on love instead of fear.” – Chandra

“Learning to live in love has shown me a way of living I did not think was possible; it has given me the strength to take control of my own happiness through forgiving myself, realizing my past is lessons I have learnt now. I now know I am love, I am free, I am whole, thanks to Jennifer Kass.” – Victoria

“Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in this capacity! It is such a gift. I loved these six weeks together so much! Your guided meditations have been the best I’ve ever used.” – Emily

“Jennifer, your words and thoughts are a breath of fresh air.

You speak and write with such clarity, truth and understanding of the world we live in and dynamics at play. I really value the very accessible and straight forward way you guide from your own experience. Since I discovered your podcasts last year, they spoke to me with such power and have helped me on my transformational journey ever since.

When the Living In Love course was announced I did deliberate about whether I should do it, and I’m thinking now it was my ego that was resisting!! But I am so happy that I committed and became a part of that experience. The course was a fascinating and inspiring journey for me and I am still absorbing it into my life every day. Jennifer gives you tools that you can pick up whenever you are in need of guidance and support.

She creates a very safe space in which to learn and experience – guiding you to really look deep within yourself, at the pain and the joy, the bits you didn’t want to face before.

Somewhere in your life maybe you lost touch with a part of yourself and now you discover that it’s ok to find that again and what it can look like. She helps you to find the strength inside that you always had, the belief, knowledge and love. You just didn’t know how to access it before or you were afraid to.

Her thoughts help you to really listen to yourself and remind you of who you are and what you have to bring the world, to empower yourself and to TRUST! She is truly an inspiration for how to transform and heal yourself and others. I am continuously witnessing the powers of what I am learning from her and excited to see what is to come. Thank you Jennifer!” – Rose

“This is by far the most helpful and transformative journey I’ve ever taken. I listen to your lessons daily; often in bed before falling asleep or when I’m getting ready in the morning. Your insight, knowledge and understanding of the laws of the universe and of oneself have helped me heal from a devastating breakup and diagnosis. Until this course, I was stuck and could not move through the stages of grief. I was literally stuck for nearly a year in a chronic state of debilitating grief. But day by day I have learned to connect to my higher self and truly practice self love. I’ve made tremendous progress through your course, particularly using the method of meditation you teach. This in and of itself was worth the course investment. I see now that there is no other way to go about living life; as self nurturance is the one tool that heals, enables us to love ourselves and face life with more serenity, confidence and an open heart. My higher self is very present and loving and wise and she is telling me to keep on my path, to forge ahead and live my truth. She is informing me to get involved in various kinds of activities to meet new people and I’m living with more trust that the best is yet to come. Best of all her presence has comforted and supported me in moments of uncertainty or when I was triggered in ways that could have set me back. I will be taking the future courses. Your teachings are a true miracle for those in search of living a life of love. Thank you for all that you do!”? – Lisa

“I love this course, and so grateful I found you!! Everything you say completely aligns with my higher self and intuition and it has really been life changing for me – and I know it’s just the beginning of my transformation! You are such a special gift to the world and I’m so happy you are sharing your love and light with us! Thank you! ?? My biggest fear over the last few years has been that I would never find my life partner. One week into the class (after only 2 weeks of doing the self love meditations) a new relationship came into my life that has been beyond anything I could ever imagine. It’s only been a month now, but I feel so at peace within that he is not just a soul mate, but my life partner.?” – Laura??

?”?I love that ?you have a warrior?’?s mind and perspective on life. So many in the spiritual? field talk about ?”?acceptance?”?, ?”?meditation?”?, ?”?letting go?”? ?and other practices with little action to support it. I?t? has been a blessing for me to hear your clarity around that and your fierceness. I love that and it gives me permission to do the same. It was just so liberating for me when you explained that we all have both the masculine and the feminine in us. I just felt whole. I di?d?n’t need to do or change anything. ?As a woman, I am tall and physically strong. I have presence. And I was very tall growing up. ?There ?are a lot of stereotypes around what a woman should and should not do.? ?I love fashion and make-up and I love all types of male dominated sports like sailing, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, triathlon.

Being highly sensitive has been a burden and a gift. I pick up so many things around me. Always have. And my deepest learning was that I am not responsible for how others feel. Even though I feel with them. I’ve learned that what I do/am is enough. I don’t have to and should not give beyond my capacity. My primary task is to take care of me. Your ?course taught me to connect much better to my ?center – my core. In that ?c?enter there is complete stillness, beauty and ?it is ?filled with love. When I come from that place I do not get drained ?from? other people?’?s energy. I feel when ?to give and when t?o? hold back. I am very much in touch with the pushes and pulls inside me. And from that ?c?enter I have unlimited access to my intuition.

With your course I have connect?ed? much more deeply to the love that is within me and it is wonderful. I have connected deeply with my soul warrior. From my ?c?enter I feel my warrior ha?s? landed. It do?esn’t? lash out like ?it? ?used to. Now I feel it has found peace – is at peace with my own strength. And that I found the volume button on my strength. I turn the volume up and down according to the pushes and pulls from my intuitions. I listen to my soul. Yesterday you posted something beautiful on Instagram about splashing your soul onto the canvas of life. Now I feel like I can splash my soul onto to the canvas of life, like my life depended on it – which it does! I am ready?.” – Astrid?

“Thank you Jennifer for sharing your wisdom and helping all of us on this very personal path. I wasn’t able to engage in all the course encompasses over the six weeks, however every time I joined a call or listened to a meditation or lesson, it enlightened me more and more. I am thankful to have access to these lessons for a lifetime so I can go at my own pace with my busy schedule. Your podcasts are what initially resonated with me from the start and helped me to realize and validate some of my own intuitions and beliefs. I love what you’re doing and I wanted you to know that it has helped me tremendously in my personal relationships and my path to living a life full of love. And now I’m sharing that with others. It is a constant journey and I am forever learning and I am so glad I signed up for this wonderful course! Thank you!”? – Susan???